Vac Bag® universal corrosion and rust prevention solution

Protect your investments - why spend thousands on an item and let it corrode in the winter?




VAC-BAG® is a perfect storage solution for the garage, home or shed, to prevent corrosion for any period of time, a perfect gas tank rust solution.

How does it work?

VAC-BAG® places a protective, airtight barrier around it, creating the perfect rust, rot, mildew and corrosion inhibitor. The bag is reusable and the only running cost is the Drisorb sack which needs to be replaced once a year.

What's in a VAC-BAG® kit?

One VAC-BAG®, one moisture absorbing Drisorb sack, one humidity indicator, one sealing strap and easy instructions.


The cost of the VAC-BAG® will be repaid many, many times over when you come to sell your investment.

The ultimate bike storage solution.