Vac Bag® Seasonal caravan storage solution
ensuring mould and mildew prevention

Protect your investments - Why spend thousands on camping and leisure equipment only to let it corrode in the winter?





Storage in a VAC-BAG® will make certain that the next time you go off on your camping holiday or invite your friends over for a barbeque, all of your equipment will be in the same pristine condition as the last time you used them and you will be free from the task of mildew removal.

The VAC-BAG® airtight vacuum storage bags provide the ideal seasonal caravan storage solution ensuring mould and mildew prevention.

How does it work?

VAC-BAG® places a protective, airtight barrier around your equipment, creating the perfect rust, rot, mildew and corrosion inhibitor. The bag is reusable and the only running cost is the Drisorb sack which needs to be replaced once a year.


The VAC-BAG® is ideal for storing internal and external furniture, seat cushions, awnings, sleeping bags, tents and everything inbetween.